Case Study

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Free Market Pricing in Healthcare

The Problem
Over the past half century, the government has become ever more involved in the provision of health care services in the U.S. Medicare and Medicaid were put into place in 1965. Healthcare spending in relation to GDP was in single digits in 1960, prior to the passage of these programs. Today, that number is over 17%, or over $9,000 per person. Adjusted for inflation, this is almost a nine-fold increase.

The Solution
We believe a free, competitive market is capable of producing not only higher profits and less headaches for healthcare providers, but better care for patients. We used our proprietary application framework to create a mobile app which we describe as the Uber of healthcare. Patients can search and rate providers while finding the lowest price on medical services in their area. We also integrated the GoodRx API to provide patients with the lowest price on prescription medications. Finally, our app contains a searchable database of so called concierge providers, or doctors which provide service on a subscription basis.


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