Case Study

Guideline Central

Platform for Dissemination of Medical Guidelines

The Problem

Guideline Central was employing a number of different technical solutions in pursuit of their business as a medical guideline publisher for some of the largest medical societies in the world. They needed to create a unified platform which would allow them to more efficiently leverage their user base of nearly 100k, as well as increase daily engagement with their content. Their website also needed an update, moving from a dated Drupal site to a responsive WordPress template.

The Solution

We used our web application framework to create a single web service to power both the Guideline Central website and the mobile apps to create a seamless experience for their users. We also integrated several third party medical APIs including data sources from the National Libraries of Medicine and clinical trials from

Guideline Central has added 30k new users since we completed the platform. User engagement has grown from less than 11k pieces of content in the library to well over 125k pieces of content. The mobile apps won bronze in the 2015 Digital Health Awards.


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