Design is an essential component to your company and marketing strategy. Good graphic design clearly delivers the message, confirms your credibility, connects your target prospects with your offering, motivates the buyer to buy, creates user loyalty and recognition.


Logos typically are either typography based (logotype), icon (logomark) and typography based or illustrative, and can vary in complexity. For example, an illustrative logo may take a bit more time to create than a typography based one. That’s not to say that a typographic logo is simply choosing a font and typing out your company name – there may be some basic shapes and lines, color, and different typographic treatments to make it stand out and unique. Most logos generally fall under icon and typography which is a simple illustration/design element in combination with typography. An Illustrative logo is not always recommended because they tend to be more complex, so a more simplified version is generally created to use in situations where the full illustrative logo is not appropriate.

Branding Guide

We provide branding guides for all the logos we create, we can also create a branding guide for existing logos. This guide is key to documenting our work and providing design instruction to other designers, including those on our team. It can establish things such as tone, target audience, logos and alternate logos, color palette, typography, design do’s and don’ts, logo clear space, photography and illustration style, as well as any other assets that may be used in your stationary, collateral and digital presence. A branding guide is considered a live document and may need to be updated and modified over time.

Business Cards

Business cards should be easy to read, stylish, and communicate your brand effectively. Your card should stand out from the rest. We recommend using a high quality card stock and printer for the best results.


Typically, letterhead is either printed and then fed through your printer, or provided as a Word template and printed as you print documents. We can provide a design for either or both, but the approach will be a little different. For a Word template, we can’t create a design with a full bleed as most printers don’t have that capability. We also wouldn’t make a design that would require a lot of ink to print. These are not limitations of you purchase letterhead with the design already printed. Additional stationary items may include envelopes, stamp, branded notebooks and pens.


Additionally, you may have other materials that you use in your business that could benefit from professional design services. Estimates for design and print cost can be provided at request.

  • Brochures
  • Pamphlets
  • Mailers
  • Rack Cards
  • Pricing Sheet
  • Schedule of Services
  • Data Sheets
  • White Papers
  • Sales Support Materials
  • Contract/Proposal Template
  • Catalogs
  • Signage
  • Website/Print Ads
  • Tradeshow graphics
  • Powerpoint Presentation Template
  • Videos
  • Email Template
  • Posters
  • Vehicle graphics
  • And more!

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