Our team of records management professionals has designed and developed unique solutions for efficiently managing records. We provide businesses with high-quality, cost-effective filing solutions.


Document Scanning & Management

Backfile Scanning

  • Export your existing file metadata to reduce conversion costs
  • Provide a ready system to which your vendor can upload content
  • Scan what you want when you want it, based on use metrics
  • Create vendor accountability by knowing what you have sent out

Document Scan on Demand

  • Insource your conversion, by simply scanning to the index
  • Restrict movement of physical files by filling requests electronically
  • Ensure document security using a secure system to distribute content
  • Enable remote employees with secure instant access to file data via their smart device

Your Document Conversion Partner

  • File Label Express knows document conversion from the file origination up
  • Full service conversion provider from paper, to film, to video and audio content
  • We’re not just filing, we’re end to end solution providers
  • Ask any question any time, our professionals are ready to answer them free of charge

Filing System Conversions

Create A System While Creating Labels

  • File Label Express returns not only labels, but a working file system solution
  • Consolidate your file information to a highly accessible and functional tool
  • Turn on tracked record origination moving forward
  • Add Status and Location fields to create rudimentary workflows

Turn On The Power of Document Imaging

  • Your labels and your File Label Express Account can turn on scanning at will
  • Your labeled and tracked records can simply be attached to the system
  • Your label purchase is only the first available step to an integrated strategy
  • Your printing the labels – open up your possibilities at the same time

Enable Physical Record Tracking

  • File Label Express can provide lifecycle tracking to guard compliance
  • Know where files are now, where they have been and who has accessed them
  • Limit access to only personnel that are known authorized users
  • Create system audits with a few easy steps or enable analytics on system use

Reduce Your Storage Costs

  • File Label Express will create detailed box inventories
  • File Label Express manage records in storage out to destruction with retention scheduling
  • File Label Express will enable your vendor to attach your documents to YOUR system
  • Eliminate physical return of files costs by specifying Scan and Attach

Data Conversion & Clean Up

Conversion Professionals

  • Any microfilm, microfiche or aperture card media to digital
  • Video content on VHS and Beta Cassettes to digital
  • Film and Photo content to digital
  • Paper, books and magazines to digital

Convert and Integrate

  • Scope your conversion and deliver to a highly accessible CDN
  • Convert data and make it mobile device accessible
  • Ensure that your expense to convert data includes an immediate method to distribute it
  • Consolidate such conversions to a single project that renders a usable archive

Create a Secure Archive

  • Our content management components are secure and access tracked
  • Easily port data to users outside your archive quickly and securely
  • Maintain an off-site archive that is constantly backed up
  • Relieve storage space demand on your internal resources

Unlock Vital Information

  • Create forward compatible data from your legacy problem
  • Bring the full data picture to life
  • Enable your teams to view and use content that has produced prior success
  • Jump from resources locked on internal system and turn on the power of your mobile devices

Bulk File Label Printing

We specialize in printing color coded file labels to meet your exact needs. Simply upload your data and leave the rest to us. Whether you need high volume and a fast turnaround or a small set of labels for a specific project – File Label Express has you covered. Go directly to the source for custom file labels and save time and money. Bulk file label printing is a complicated task. Let us take it off your hands.

File Labels

Color coded file labels are often used in complex filing and storage systems. An end-user who is familiar with the filing system can quickly find a document, folder or other content. An online file label program can provide everything from asset tags to color coded filing labels, both top and side tab.

Our apps can can be integrated with a tracking database to provide a tracking system for any item you would want to label or track from a file folder to a laptop.

Benefits of Color Coded Filing

  1. Reduce retrieval time by up to 40%.
  2. Reduce the cost of working with the filing system.
  3. Reduce misfiles. The color code creates a break in the pattern that causes them to stick out.
  4. With the addition of bar codes and records management software, a color coded filing system can be migrated into a more comprehensive solution as demands change.
  5. Standard and consistent labeling of all files in the system.
  6. Easily distinguish one file type from another.

Bulk RFID Label Printing & Commissioning

RFID Labels can speed the locating and automate the tracking of files in your office. While they are highly effective it can be time consuming to print and commission these specialty labels for a large conversion. File Label Express can ease the time and reduce the costs associated with creating RFID Labels at the outset of your project.

File Label Express provides a quick solution for bulk RFID label printing & commissioning. We also can provide low cost hand held readers, or we can install fixed reader “choke points” for automated tracking.

What separates File Label Express from other applications on the market, is that it deploys to you ready to enable this technology. Each row of data in the File Label Express system generates a unique RFID tag value. So even if you already have printed your labels and applied them, you can always turn on the power of File Label Express RFID.

File Label Express is integrated with the world renown Zebra Printer line. Simply select print runs send them out to your Zebra printer. That’s it! Scan the barcode, locate the records, affix the labels and you are now able to automate movement tracking, or find missing files with the Atid 911N Android UHF RFID reader.

Or you can simply drop us a line, ask us to run a file system print and these labels will arrive at your door ready to affix along with your handheld device. We can print up to 10,000 labels a day, commissioned and ready to use.

Or if all you require are commissioned labels based on your arbitrary data model, send us your data, we’ll print your labels quickly and expertly and have them in your hands ready to use before you know it.


  • Government Agencies

  • Police Departments

  • Veterinary Clinics

  • Eye Clinics

  • Law Offices

  • Doctor’s Offices

  • Oil & Gas Offices

  • Hospitals

  • Outpatient Clinics

  • Schools & Universities


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