Simplicity RFID is a cost-effective and integrative RFID solution for business of all sizes. This middleware platform allows easy integration with existing software and enterprise systems, saving time and money. It is used to enhance productivity, quality assurance and efficiency across a wide variety of industries. It can also be easily combined with Simplicity RMS to create a powerful tracking solution.

What is RFID Technology?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a tracking tool with broad applications. It comes in a small form factor which can be attached to a tag (RFID tag). Due to its size, an RFID tag or chip can be placed on anything from packages and devices to vital records. To carry out its tracking capabilities, an antenna receives a signal from a tag. This signal is interpreted by a reader device, which can parse the information and send it to another on your network, or even a web application in the cloud.
RFID technology is known for its broad application, versatility, scalability and for its usage in enhancing business productivity, quality assurance and efficiency.

History of RFID

  • 1920s – 1950s: Radar and early RFID-like technology is implemented primarily in military and lab settings.
  • 1960s: Commercial RFID application begins, notably in retail and supermarkets.
  • 1970s: RFID tags are born and RFID takes off through agribusiness, cattle tracking and among other industries looking to capitalize on the ever improving technology.
  • 1980s: Loss Prevention and supply chain implementations abound.
  • 1990s: RFID becomes mainstream.
  • 2000s: RFID regulation begins as the technology becomes commonplace in the business world.
  • 2010s: RFID matures into all sectors and industries. According to IDTechEx, 2017 saw the global RFID market valued at $11.2 billion, with projections for 2022 close to $15 billion.

Why Simplicity RFID?

Simplicity RFID creates the opportunity for RFID enabled web applications. With a few tweaks to a text file on your Alien reader, you can begin sending tag reads to either a local or remote server over SSL. Simplicity RFID is fast, easy to deploy and cost effective.
Our software takes care of implementation details such as duplicate reads, stray tags in the field and timing, which allows you to focus on creating the business logic of your application. Our team of developers can also create server side modules and our RFID engineers can help with the physical infrascture needed in your implementation.
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